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The Furies

A triptych of IPAs. Balanced and hop forward, there is one for every palate.


Cyclops is a range of single hop pale ales, each brewed to the same recipe, and each heavily hopped with the named variety. This range is a must for hop-lovers as there is a huge variety of flavours to be enjoyed. The range of Cyclops beers stocked at any one point will vary.
Typical availablity: cask and bottle


Berzerker is our range of experimental beers which are identifiable only by a number. A Berzerker batch may be an adaption of an existing recipe, a step towards a new recipe, or it may be a complete standalone batch with no intention of being brewed again.
Typical availablity: cask and bottle


Ye Gods!

We produce the occasional stronger beer - hoppier, maltier, and altogether bigger beer. They go under the name Ye Gods!