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...and we don't mean simply relabelling an existing HBM beer. This is a beer designed and brewed specifically for your bar, and for your customers, with the assurance that your exact recipe will not be repeated for another customer.

Our brew length is 1000 litres. This means a single brew day will generate, depending on the style of beer, between 20 and 24 nine gallon firkins. All of the firkins generated will be yours and we will bring them to you as and when they are required.

Because you will be buying an entire batch we can afford to offer you a great price.

We are happy to serve venues within 20 miles of our brewery. This includes places such as:

If you are slightly further afield than these locations please contact us to discuss what can be arranged.

To see examples of the bespoke brews we are already commissioned to make please check our beers page.

We recommend that you have sufficient footfall in your venue to sell up to 24 firkins within a three month period. This ensures the product remains at the peak of its quality.